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Anupama 11th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Kinjal refuses to accompany Rakhi and instead stays and serves Tosh. Rakhi asks her not to become Anupama as she is not as strong as Anupama; Anupama’s relationship was 25 years old, but Kinjal is very young. Kinjal says that a relationship is a relationship, old or new; her relationship with Pari lasts a few months, but Pari means everything to her; Toshu is Pari’s father; it was easier to leave Tosha when he was well, this is a matter of human life and family happiness. Rakhi pleads her not to ruin her life. Kinjal says if she stays here she will become like Anupama and if not then she will become like Tosha. She feels depressed and asks for sweets.

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