Anupama 11th August 2022 Written Update

Anupama’s today episode, 11th August episode of Anupama. You will find the full written update of Anupama’s latest episode, upcoming thrills, and twists on

Anupama is a famous show and this show has gained a good fan following among people. You will see in the episode that the doctor informs Kapdia and shahs that Anuj and Vanraj are serious but they are shifting them to the ICU. He says to them that they can see them. Anu dream Anuj and Vanraj are fine and they have decided not to fight. She gets happy in her dream. Pakhi, Dolly, and Kinal say Anu might be seeing a good dream. Dolly says she wishes Anu’s dreams come true. Anu wakes up and asks about the condition of Anuj and Vanraj. She insists that Pakhi take her to Anupama. Pakhi and Dolly convince Anu to sleep more.

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Anupama and Kavya see Vanraj and Anuj. They both cry. They recall their moment with their husbands. Anupama and Kavya recall their wedding. Kapadia and Shahs recall their moment with Anuj and Vanraj. Samar prays to God to save both’s lives. They both are facing the same situation. Kavya says no one thought that Anuj and Vanraj will struggle for their lives on the same day. The doctor informs both families that 42 hours is very critical to both. Anupama asks what after 42 hours. The doctor says it will be dangerous if Anuj and Vanraj will not regain their consciousness soon.

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Kavya says Anuj and Vanraj should not have gone to the cliff. She recalls the incident and reveals to the families that before she arrives Anuj and Vanraj, had both fallen from the cliff. Ankush accuses Vanraj of Pushing Anuj off the cliff. He says Vanraj threatened Anuj. Leela says it has not proved that Vanraj did this. They argue with each other. Anupama asks both the families that instead of fighting they should pray for Anuj and Vanraj as they are struggling for their life. She shows her trust in Vanraj and says the latter is bad but he can’t take anyone’s life.

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Anupama gets the message of Anu. She cries Samar breaks down. Anupama tries to console Samar and asks him not to cry as this bad time will pass very soon. The doctor comes and says that Vanraj is responding to the medication then the shah family gets relaxed. Anupama asks about Anuj. The doctor informs Anuj is not showing progress. He adds is shifting Vanraj to the ICU so they can meet him. The doctor says that Anuj will stay back at ICCU. Anupama gets stunned. Hasmukh asks Anupama to stay strong. Anupama is concerned about why Anuj is not responding to the treatment. Leela consoled Anupama’s cry recalling her moment with Anuj. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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