Anupama 10th July 2022 Written Update

Here we are going to share a written update of the latest episode of the popular show Anupama. Anupama is running with the great TRP. According to the promo videos. W have seen in the last episode that Vanraj drops Pakhi to the college and he finds that Pakhi’s ID is in his car. Vanraj thinks to go back to return this ID card. On the other hand, Anupama sees them and recalls Adhik’s words, where he mentioned he will never meet Pakhi alone. She goes and sits with them and they got surprised. Sara asks Barkha to talk to Adhik because he is different as he used girlfriends and left them. She adds that Pakhi is not like that.

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Barkha says she will not interrupt in his matter. Sara says if will can’t tell his past then she will tell this. Barkha says to Sara that she has no problem with Adhik and Pakhi. Sara asks her to stop making the plan to use Pakhi. She says if anything will happen then firstly Aunj will react. Barkha tensed. Anu asks Adhik for forgetting his promise soon. She asks the reason to meet Pakhi alone. He tries to convince Anu that he was trying to make Pakhi understand. Anu asks the reason for holding Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi says this is very normal in friends.

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Anupama says slapping kid is also very normal. Adhik says that he will meet Pakhi only at family gatherings. Pakhi gets stressed and Adhik gives signals to her. Anu says kids think parents are fools. Vanraj comes there and sees them together. He gets angry with Anupama she tries to make him understand but he doesn’t listen. He holds Pakhi’s hand and takes her away and Anu also goes with him. On the other hand, Kinal is feeling uneasy. Leela and Hasmukh say that they have to wait for Vanrj. Then Vanraj, Anupama, and Pakhi come and everyone gets shocked and they ask the reason to come together. They tell the reason and Vanraj decides and announced that Pakhi will not go to college. Everyone gets shocked.

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In the latest episode, you will see that Anuj and Anupama sit together and Anuj talks to be tensed. He says her that nothing has changed nor has Bhabhi and Bhai. Same talk, the same lifestyle, and same attitude. He says that is the issue. He says that he knows everything he is not a kid and he knows what they are thinking at this time. Anu says she can’t say about Bhai but she Bhabhi is a mother and a mother thinks several things. Anuj sees her with stressed eyes. He says that he knows that they are his Bhai and Bhabhi and he will do for them he added that Anu has signing authority and he asks her that she will not give this to anyone.

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Anupama gets shocked after hearing this, Anuj holds her and says he is or he is not and he is anywhere, unavailable or unreachable but she will not give this right to anyone. She asks why is he saying this. He says that this is a life and life can change at any time. He says if anyone will force her, even Bapu Ji, Leela, and the children including himself but she will not give to anyone. He says that when Bahi and Bhabhi’s real faces came he is shocked and he will love them but he will not trust them. He asks for a promise and asks her to swear. Anupama swears then suddenly an object falls on Anuj and Anu is shocked to see this.

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