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Anupama 10th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Leela asks Vanraj if there is a cure for paralytic stroke. Vanraj says there is treatment, doctors have started giving Tosh medicine that causes blood clots to break. Anupama says Toshu will recover soon. Vanraj says they can’t say when, doctors said Tosh’s next journey will be very difficult. Anupama says one wait is over and the next wait for Tosh’s full recovery will begin. Vanraj says that Toshu’s illness will make him depressed, so they should be there for Toshu and make him feel normal, bear his frustration, anger and unpredictable behavior. Hasmukh cries saying that visiting the hospital is his age and the family will also accept it because of his age. Anupama asks him not to say that. Apne To Apne Hote Hain… the song is playing in the background.

Every member of the family remembers the lively nature of Tosh earlier and the time spent with him. Samar breaks down, telling Anupama that he was completely wrong when he said that nothing could be worse than this, but worse has happened. Adhik consoles her. Anupama then breaks down and, in her style, babbles repeatedly that she shouldn’t cry and that she should take care of her son. She gets a call from Maaya from Little Anu’s phone asking about Tosha. She says he is sick and asks her to take care of little Ana as she can’t stay without her. Maya asks her not to worry. Anupama asks her not to give hamburgers and pizza to Little Anu as she has an upset stomach. Maya says she knows as she learned it from Dimpy and Anuj that she is a mother. Anupama says she was good to hear that and asks to let her talk to Little Anu when she gets home. Maya asks her not to worry about Little Ana.

Barkha goes to Maya and says she got a chance to manipulate Little Anu in Anupama’s absence. Maya says she can do this in front of Anupama and no one can stop her, she was away from her daughter and knows the fear of losing a daughter like Anuj, Anupama and Ankush, which Barkha can’t understand. Barkha wants her not to include herself in their family and reminds her that she has to leave this house after 15 days.

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