Agneepath Scheme

Our government has made a scheme. We see the government makes several schemes, now a new scheme came out, which name is ‘Agneepath Scheme’. The Union Cabinet has approved a recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve duty in the Armed Forces. A name has been given to the scheme as Agneepath. The candidate selected under the scheme will be called Agniveers. This scheme allows patriotic and motivated youth to give the duty in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.

This scheme gives the opportunity to the youth who wants to don the uniform by beguiling, talented youth from the population who are better in tune with contemporary technological trends and dig back skilled, trained and motivated manpower into the society. An announcement has been announced by the government, that those youngsters are mid in the ages of 17-and-a-half and 21 years would be mixed for a four-year tenure. while 25 percent of the recruits will be maintained for regular service.

Agneepath Scheme

Adavantages of AGNIPATH Scheme 2022

  1. A transformative reform of servicing policy of the Armed Forces.
  2. Youth can serve the duty and contribution to Nation Building.
  3. Armed Forces to be youthful and vigorous
  4. The pleasing financial package for the Agniveers.
  5. They will be pronounced as Agniveers
  6. They will get the best training and will get good skills and qualifications
  7. They will get re-employment opportunities after the 4 years of service

The Agnipath scheme opens the way and paid will be 45. 000 per month. The contract will be for 4 years. Navy and Air Force in the first year but on a short-term contract period of 4 years. When the contract will be complete then 25% included in the rest will leave the forces.

Time Period

While the scheme is yet to be armed, it will certainly have some ripples. We know unemployment is the biggest problem for the youth so this scheme is attract them and can help them. Who are interested to join the army but are hardly looking for a job. There are possibilities of Agniveers losing motivation to service due to insecurities of being unemployed after 4 years.

Those people hired under the scheme of Agnispath will be given a one-time lump sum of a little up to 11 lakh Rs when they completed their serving period. If we talk about the pension scheme so they will not get any pension amount. For most, seeking a second job is important to help themselves and their householders.

The Jawans joining the Army, Navy, and Air Force will be given higher training, which will be given technical training so that they can support the ongoing operations. But these men and ladies will leave after the appropriate time period, which could create a blank. Let us tell you on Thursday, that the limitation has been increased under the Agnipath, it was 21 years old now it’s 23 years for 2022 amid general protest against the new model for entailment of soldiers into the three services. Stay connected for more updates.

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