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Advik Mahajan throws a party for his wife Neha’s birthday

Advik Mahajan, who rose to fame with his role in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri, has a busy schedule. The actor recently took a break from the sets to celebrate his wife Neha’s birthday. On Monday (March 13), Adhvik hosted a birthday bash where Neha’s friends from the industry gathered to celebrate her birthday.

Adhvik spoke about this in a recent interview and shared, “The theme of this year’s party was ‘love and friendship’ (smiles). Those we invite are our friends and we love them. We have two occasions – Neha’s birthday and mine – in a year to meet friends. Neha likes to celebrate her birthday more than me. People enjoy themselves to their heart’s content and have fun with us until the end.”

Speaking about the birthday present, the love-struck man shared: “I was planning to get her something special. This is not surprising, because she knows about it and wants me to fulfill this dream. I will reveal it when everything falls into place.”

Celebrities like Reem Sheikh, Aishwarya Khare, Aditi Sharma, Harsh Rajput, Debattama Saha, Ridima Tiwari, Jaskaran Singh, Kanwar Dhillon, Parulll Chaudhry and Rohit Verma attended the party. Adhvik’s Baani co-stars Ishq Da Kalma, Neha Bagga and Shefali Sharma also enjoyed the party.

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